Free Ai Weiwei - Hong Kong Remix

The music video shows the "Free Ai Weiwei" protest in Hong Kong organized by an activist group called "Artist Citizen" in May 2011. Ai Weiwei, a prominent artist-activist involved in the investigation of bean dregs construction of school buildings which killed thousands of children during the Sichuan Earthquake in China in 2008, was detained by the Chinese government for over two months from April to July 2011 under the pretext of the crackdown of Jasmine protest.

Bear Bile Industry – Chinese National Theft!

2012-03-21 - damon

Translated by Catherine

Here’s what our say for the bears:

1. Eliminating bear bile industry means eradication of Chinese national industry.
IT’S A LIE! Bear bile industry has only 30 years of history in China. It has no match compared with that of tea and silk. Conversely, bears are trapped lifetime in small rusty cages. They are ducted without anesthesia. China is notorious for the ways it treats animals; only by eradication of such brutal industry will the respect of the nation be retained. Bear bile industry is no more than theft. It’s a crime!

Social Media Uprising in the Chinese-speaking World [Kindle Edition]


Hong Kong In-Media has published the e-version of its research work on Social Media and Mobilization at Amazon under the title: Social Media Uprising in the Chinese-speaking World.

This book is an elaborated study of the use of social media in grassroots struggles in China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Malaysia by local researchers and activists. We would like to work out a self-finance model for research and publication of social movement and media activism experience in Asia, in particular among Chinese speaking communities. Please support us by buying a copy.

You may also download a sample preview copy here [pdf].

Below is an introduction written by Jack Qui, a scholar on New media and politics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong:

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